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Boat Description

Uniting a Cougar Powerboat race proven hull with two Evinrude G2 300hp new engines to provide 600hp of power, and then equipping her lavishly with the latest technology, the designer set out to create an ultra high performance sportsboat (600hp - 70mph plus), with a layout in which people can socialise in absolute comfort, yet also have fun at sea.

The result was spectacularly successful sea trials during which the boat, without further trimming, easily achieved 70 MPH and cruised at a comfortable 55 MPH. The boat can also be up-powered to 900HP at which power level 100MPH would be entirely achievable. All engineering work has been undertaken by high performance specialist and successful powerboat racer, John Donnelly of the highly regarded John Donnelly Racing, who can be consulted about any future modifications.

Socially, and fantastically, at the press of a button, at rest, the foredeck rises to reveal an elegant social snug with seating laid out in a U shape, dressed with hand-stitched John Elderfield upholstery. There is even a discreet head and handbasin.

It's the perfect place to sit at anchor or alongside to socialise and come to terms with the exhilaration of the ride so far.

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